MY HILL: A cup at Storyville Coffee

Storyville Queen Anne

With Starbucks just across the street (and another in the Safeway next door), plus a dozen other options, I’ve been wondering what sets Queen Anne Hill’s newest coffee neighbor Storyville Coffee apart from the rest.

I had some rare “me” time recently and decide to pop in for some caffeine. The decor alone is like my living room cloned, so I immediately feel like kicking off my flats and sinking my buns into one of the leather options. But first, coffee.

The understated menu is a godsend for indecisive types, and I go for the macchiato after the super friendly staff confirm that it’s a true macchiato and none of that 90% milky iced business (my words, not theirs).

Ahhh. A gently pulled and poured shot served alongside a small glass of sparkling water is perfection — just the companion for a free hour wandering on the hill.

As I’m writing this, I hear the barista say they make all of their own flavored syrup in-house, and today’s flavor is kiwi-berry. Italian soda for the road?


Author: Shar Petit

Hi, I'm Shar! Seattlelite. Cusp Libra. Lefty. Gray sweater enthusiast. Le Petit Northwest is a lifestyle and travel blog about life in the Emerald City.

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