COFFEE BREAK: Best downtown spots to blog and sip
(Image via Assembly Hall Juice & Coffee)

A month from now, hundreds of bloggers, food writers, and cookbook authors will find themselves surrounded by inspiration, talent, and knowledge at the sixth annual International Food Blogger Conference in Seattle, WA. With breakout sessions on writing with Joe Yonan, author and food and travel editor of The Washington Post, and Dianne Jacob, author of a must-have food writer’s guide Will Write for FoodI’ll be front and center with my pen and notebook at the ready.

I launched Le Petit Northwest earlier this year after being inspired to create in my own space. I’m a communications specialist during my 40-hour workweek, and a web content writer for a few Seattle-based outlets in my free time. But, I really wanted a place where I could build my own editorial calendar, write about topics that inspire me, and where I could write in my own voice.

So, this blog is a baby in comparison to those owned by the bloggers I’ll meet at the International Food Bloggers’ Conference, but I couldn’t be more thrilled to spend a few days learning and soaking in foodie topics and tips with such a talented group of writers. (Really, though. Have you seen this attendee list? I’ve spent hours in awe of all the great content that’s out there!)

Anyway, if I know writers, there’s nothing more treasured than a quiet place (and chunk of time) to sit and be with your thoughts and just write. If I know Seattleites, that quiet place better come with a good cup of coffee. For those of you visiting from out of town, I’ve rounded up some blogger-friendly coffee shops for you to plug in and get blogging. Bonus: they’re all within walking distance from our host hotel, The Westin. While you’ll find at least five Starbucks locations within rock-throwing distance of the hotel, branch out a bit and give one of these spots a try.
(Image via Top Pot Doughnuts Instagram)

Top Pot Doughnuts (2124 5th Ave): Bold espresso drinks and French roast drip coffee can only be made better with one of their hand-forged doughnuts. The cherry blossom? Blueberry fritter? Chocolate feather boa? You need to taste one (or a dozen) of their special creations.

Assembly Hall Juice & Coffee (2121 6th Ave): Walk into this spot, and you’ll never want to leave. Seattle’s Tom Douglas created a warm space with wall-to-wall seating and fireplaces — a blogger’s invite to settle in and sip a cup of Kyoto cold brew. Wake up early to grab a stool. Doors open at 7 a.m.
(Image via Dilettante website)

Dilettante Mocha Cafe (1601 5th Avenue, upper level): Located right in the heart of great Seattle shopping at Westlake Center, the smell of dark chocolate will draw you in the front door. If chocolate is your thing, try a mocha made with their signature Ephemere dark chocolate, then bring home a box of truffles or two as souvenirs.


Author: Shar Petit

Hi, I'm Shar! Seattlelite. Cusp Libra. Lefty. Gray sweater enthusiast. Le Petit Northwest is a lifestyle and travel blog about life in the Emerald City.

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