AT-HOME TOURIST: Chilhuly Garden and Glass


At the start, I’ll admit I only planned this trip to entertain an out-of-town guest who wanted to see the Space Needle up close. I’ve lived in the Seattle area for 15+ years and have never taken a trip to the top of the thing, but I was game for a little tourist time at Chilhuly Garden and Glass. That’s what vacation days are for.

Here’s what I suggest you do: buy a ticket to the museum and take ten photos along your tour. When you get home, you’ll be amazed at what your camera captures. The more I look at the photos, the more I’m in awe of the hours and hours Mr. Chilhuly had to spend crafting each petal, twine, and curve — all in the most delicate of sculpting materials. Rain or shine, light or dark, the garden is truly a stunner.

Here’s my ten (taken on a non-pro camera, mind you):

DSC01880 DSC01875 DSC01893 DSC01886 DSC01881 DSC01877 DSC01876 DSC01873 DSC01872 DSC01869

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