AT-HOME TOURIST: Chilhuly Garden and Glass


At the start, I’ll admit I only planned this trip to entertain an out-of-town guest who wanted to see the Space Needle up close. I’ve lived in the Seattle area for 15+ years and have never taken a trip to the top of the thing, but I was game for a little tourist time at Chilhuly Garden and Glass. That’s what vacation days are for. Continue reading “AT-HOME TOURIST: Chilhuly Garden and Glass”


SHOP SEATTLE: Mother’s Day gifts under $25

Mother's Day GiftsSupport Seattle-based Etsy shops with these classic Mother’s Day gift ideas. You should probably be safe and order one of each.  Continue reading “SHOP SEATTLE: Mother’s Day gifts under $25”

SHOP SEATTLE: May 2 is Independent Bookstore Day

I’m steadfast against e-readers. There’s just something about thumbing through the pages of a new book that I’m not willing to give up. I’ll sometimes spend hours (plural) camped out in a bookstore searching for the perfect mood-matching tome. Continue reading “SHOP SEATTLE: May 2 is Independent Bookstore Day”

COFFEE BREAK: Best downtown spots to blog and sip
(Image via Assembly Hall Juice & Coffee)

A month from now, hundreds of bloggers, food writers, and cookbook authors will find themselves surrounded by inspiration, talent, and knowledge at the sixth annual International Food Blogger Conference in Seattle, WA. With breakout sessions on writing with Joe Yonan, author and food and travel editor of The Washington Post, and Dianne Jacob, author of a must-have food writer’s guide Will Write for FoodI’ll be front and center with my pen and notebook at the ready. Continue reading “COFFEE BREAK: Best downtown spots to blog and sip”

MY HILL: A cup at Storyville Coffee

Storyville Queen Anne

With Starbucks just across the street (and another in the Safeway next door), plus a dozen other options, I’ve been wondering what sets Queen Anne Hill’s newest coffee neighbor Storyville Coffee apart from the rest.

I had some rare “me” time recently and decide to pop in for some caffeine. The decor alone is like my living room cloned, so I immediately feel like kicking off my flats and sinking my buns into one of the leather options. But first, coffee. Continue reading “MY HILL: A cup at Storyville Coffee”

SEATTLE STYLE: What everyone is wearing, rain or shine

Seattle Uniform

A few months ago, Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo blogged about what everyone is wearing in NYC. A striped long-sleeved tee, army-green anorak, and white converse sneakers all made the list (which is pretty much what everyone in Seattle is wearing, too). Continue reading “SEATTLE STYLE: What everyone is wearing, rain or shine”

IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Kerry Park, Seattle

Kerry Park

On any given day (and time), this famous photo-op spot is abuzz with photographers, families, runners, and locals all clamoring for an opening to snap their own Seattle skyline shot. The view never gets old and always looks different with the changing seasons.

This day, the fog rolled in over the sound to paint the city in pastel hues; the regal Mount Rainier brushed itself into the background.

Kerry Park | 211 W Highland Drive